The Wings of Love Breast Cancer Trust


Here at The Lion's Share Personal Training & Development, we believe that the whole world Deserves The Lion's Share, and as such, do our part by donating part-proceeds from all training and development sessions and packages to The Cancer Council Western Australia's Wings of Love Trust.

Wings of Love is a charitable trust established in 2001 by the late Penny McBurney, and funded through her fund-raising activities and a bequest in her will. Fundraising activities are continued through Penny's family, friends and the Cancer Council WA, including an annual BBQ in January / February at Point Walter Lower Reserve, Bicton, WA, in remembrance of Penny's passing on January 16th 2003.



We interview Simone Burns from The Cancer Council WA about the Wings Of Love Charitable Trust Fundraiser BBQ and Push-Ups For Charity Event held on Sun 13th Feb 2011 at Point Walter, Bicton, WA Australia



How does YOUR support help?

The Wings of Love trust helps pay for irrecoverably ill breast cancer patients in Western Australia, who could not otherwise afford it, to be united or reunited with loved ones.

This includes;

  • Covering patient travel costs
  • Covering costs for a carer to travel with the patient if this enables the reunion
  • Covering travel costs for a loved one to visit the patient


Administration of the trust is undertaken by the Cancer Council of Western Australia. Decisions regarding beneficiaries are made by a committee.



How to apply for a grant

The applicant must be a diagnosed irrecoverably ill breast cancer patient residing in Western Australia. The financial situation of the applicant should be such that they could not themselves afford to fund the travel.

The applicant can be referred through any of the following,

  • Social workers
  • Breast Cancer Nurses
  • Breast Cancer Surgeons
  • General Practitioners
  • Silver Chain nursing staff
  • Palliative care facilities

There are limited funds in the Wings of Love Trust. It is anticipated that two new applicants will be approved each year as long as funding is available. International travel will be granted in exceptional circumstances.

If you have contact with someone who fits these criteria, please contact the Estate and Trust Manager at the Cancer Council WA.

An application for a travel grant should be supported by a Medical Certificate and a letter of recommendation from the referee.




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